Must have books for any English Language Teacher

Looking for resources?  Want to get a gift for an English teacher you know they’ll love?  Here are a few indispensible resources for English Language teachers at any level.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

My colleague saw me carry this book home the other day and commented, “Don’t you just get LOST in that book?!?!”  I agreed vehemently.  You can count on spending at least 10 minutes reading something about the English language that you didn’t intend to read in here – anything from the historical origins of English to English vocabulary, grammar, discourse to linguistics.  It’s full color illustrated and almost 500 pages long.  Definitely worth investing – a resource you’ll use for your entire career!

The ESL/ELL Teacher’s book of Lists

A practical resource for any teacher not quite sure what they’ll be teaching or if they have many resources, this book is jam packed with lists for learning core English, practicing specific pronunciation skills, building vocabulary, learning grammar, and much more!

Oxford Picture Dictionary

The OUP Picture Dictionary is a great staple text to use in tutoring and even classroom work with beginners and intermediates.

The Teachers’ Grammar of English

A go-to source which provides in-depth grammar explanations.  Great for when your only answer is, “Ummm…  because that’s just how we say it.”

Any others I missed?


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