Examples of language focused learning

A language classroom should be filled with many different kinds of opportunities to practice language or deep learning is unlikely to occur.  Here are some practical ways to provide a wide variety of practice for your students:
  • Distinguishing minimal pairs
  • Focusing on sounds, intonation, and stress
  • Learning vocabulary on cards
  • Re-arranging words in the right order to make sentences
  • Getting feedback on errors
  • Sentence combining and transformation
  • Guided composition
  • Dictation
  • Listening for particular words or phrases
  • Repetition and substitution drills
  • Memorizing dialogues and poems
  • Analysing cohesive devices
  • Learning to guess from context clues
  • Sentence-completion activities

[1] S., I, & Macalister, J. (2009). Language curriculum design. New York: Taylor & Francis.


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