Top 5 free worksheet/activity sites for young English Language Learners

Being a former newspaper editor, one of my biggest pet peeves in searching for quality websites is a cluttered, difficult to navigate design.  The sites below all provide free, high quality, printable materials in a clearly organized manner.

  1. Kizclub:  I used to teach elementary ESL in a school district that had ZER-O materials, and this site became my textbook.  It’s loaded with free PDFs, games, coloring activities, and crafts for children.
  2. Eduplace Graphic Organizers by Houghton McMillan:  Graphic organizers are a great way to help English language learners process language, recall vocabulary, and organize their thoughts.
  3. ABCTeach:  While this site offers a paid subscription ($39/year) with over 40,000 printables, they also offer a limited amount of high-quality activities for ELLs.
  4. Family Education Printables:  This sites allows you to search for printables by age, keyword and topic.
  5. DLTK-Teach:  Offers a variety of printable games, booklets and crafts appropriate for ELLs.

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