Adventures with Language (formerly Adventures in TESOL) provides information for both beginning and established teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). The articles here were originally written as a resource for my own students when I was working in teacher training and others in the profession have found them helpful as well.  Visit regularly for more information on teaching, resources, training and policy, or – better yet – subscribe!

After ten years working in higher education, I’ve recently returned to teach Spanish in a public high school. As a result, I’m also developing a growing interesting in Comprehensible Instruction (CI) and (TPRS) in Spanish and will work on growing my resources for these topics as well.

Adventures in TESOL is maintained by Jody Fernando, a language educator with a background in teacher education, ESL, and Spanish.  She is currently finishing a Masters in Educational Technology in addition to an MEd in Curriculum & Instruction – Multicultural/Multilingual Education and a BS in Spanish Education.  Jody has taught Spanish and/or English at every level from Kindergarten to college, and has participated in English language education in South America, West Africa, and Asia.  She has professional experience in teacher training, public schools, and academic language preparation.  Her strongest interests lie in culturally relevant instruction, educational technology and curriculum design.

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  1. Hi Jody, TESOL really does open a world of opportunity! I am interested to read where your experiences in TESOL have taken you and about the TESOL course itself! I am actually looking at starting a TESOL blog to help those who are interested in completing a qualification decide whether it is for them and also provide feedback on employment opportunities around the world! I look forward to reading more.

  2. I just got my certification and I am trying to find a place to teach as close to Stuttgart, Germany as possible. Do you have any suggestions on how to go about doing that. All of the sites I see are mostly Japan, China, Thailand jobs…any help would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Hi, that’s really nice….I would also like to share my experience with Anaheim University, I have done Ma in TESOL that was amazing. would love to recommend for TESOL courses.

  4. You’ll find so many of ESLesl careers in Kingdom of thailand. Incase you want a teaching job, the easiest way to go about it is by really going to BangKok. Here you will discover plenty of organisations Ecc, siam, EF and so on. These people are regularly searching to recruit tutors. Pay is roughly around 30,000 up to 40,000 baht per calendar month, which is sufficient enough to live on in the city.

  5. Instructing tesol in Asia has grown over the previous few years, at present there are plenty of colleges looking around for foreign language course instructors.
    All you require is a academic degree and a ESL certificate some
    colleges even take on teachers with no a diploma.

  6. Hi there!!

    I’m interested in obtaining my TESOL certifications soon. It’s my dream job, to teach English. I’m 23 and I haven’t gone to university because I’ve felt drawn to this.
    I would like to teach in Central/South America. I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some say its easy to get a job and others say I won’t be taken seriously to get employment.

    I have strong communication skills. I write for the Red Cross and I will be tutoring ESL for newcomers to Canada. I will also be fluent in Spanish when I leave.

    Is there any advice you can offer? Should I stay here for another 4 years and do post secondary so that I can work in a totally unrelated field?

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